Library Practice

Welcome to Library Practice!
WEEK OF 8/17

After you fill in the form, please click here to follow the Dewey Decimal System TUTORIAL, then play the game. Print your certificates to turn into Mrs. Carroll.

WEEK OF 8/22
Click here to complete the Destiny assignment.


This is going to be an exciting year filled with learning. Mrs. Carroll, your teacher librarian, will answer all your questions, and ask many more.

To get started, please click here.

Library Basics-See Mrs. Carroll for the packet.

Mapping the Library

Make a map of the school library, labeling all furniture, equipment, and the many book topics/divisions. First sketch your map on paper. When you are confident that you have all the necessary information, use Google Draw (log into Google Drive) to create your library map. Be sure to title the map and label EVERYTHING and share the document with Mrs. Carroll.

WEEK OF 8/29

Click Here for Assessment 1
Click Here for Assessment 2
Click Here for Assessment 3
Click Here for Assessment 4

Assignment 4
Click here to take a library skills pre-test.

Assignment 5-Reference
**You may submit these forms partially completed and complete the rest on subsequent days.**

1. After Reading about Reference Books, fill in this form.
2. You may work with a partner using any handouts and books from the reference section to help guide you in completing this form.

3. Reference Hunt-Click here to complete the online form.
4. Reference Book Final Project -Click Here

  • Read and Print document. Do not lose it!
  • Follow the instructions, being sure to ask for help when needed.

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