Thursday, May 5, 2016

Library Electives

Are you interested in an elective which will challenge you, teach you valuable job and life skills, and allow you to help others?

Click on either of the titles below to apply for one of the library electives.

Library Practice - Open to 8th graders only.

Learn everything about the inner workings of a library from circulating books to advanced research methods. Regular research assignments will teach library students how to find the best and most relevant information and how to use it effectively and responsibly. Students will also be required to read regularly and post reviews (written, video, podcast, etc.) of books in our library. There will rarely be a quiet moment in Library Practice.

Turtle Techs - Open to 7th and 8th graders who can take the elective AND the homeroom class.

Learn technology and logical problem solving skills to provide technical support on campus to students and teachers. Students will maintain a tech support blog in which they write articles, produce videos, and podcast about technology updates, concerns, and tips important to our school community. Students may provide one-on-one support or teach classes on a variety of topics. No experience necessary, but we require a logical mind, willingness to learn and improve, and strong work ethic.

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