Math Interactives

  • g(math) is a Google Docs Add on for formulas and equations in documents and spreadsheets.
  • Google Sheets to create graphs from word problems.
  • Khan Academy Missions lets you create a classroom in which you assign students to a grade level OR a math topic area. Students take a pretest to put them in the correct level and they then work at their own pace. This works for differentiation for intervention, acceleration, gaps in understanding, or just practice/review.
  • CK-12 PLIX has interactive lessons, online textbooks, and videos/games for math and science concepts
  • Math Snacks has animations, interactive games, and lessons. Check out this explanation of ratios. ENLGISH, SPANISH, and TRANSCRIPTS of videos!
  • is a random number generator
  • Stoodle is a collaborative whiteboard.
  • Desmos is a graphing calculator which will be used on SBAC.
  • Geogebra is a graphing calculator with lessons and materials.
  • Would You Rather is a blog of real world math problems with no simple answers. Students choose an option and provide justification. Not all math. There's some science thrown in, too.

For gathering data, quizzes, exit tickets, check for understanding, etc.

Email me to set up a time to sit together and review how to incorporate these tools into your instruction.

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